$600 Gas Cards


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$600 in Gas Cards
$200 for AC&T, $200 for Exxon and $200 for Sheetz

The price of gas is slowly creeping up.  How about taking a chance or two on this new raffle.  $600 in gas cards.  $200 for AC&T, $200 for Exxon and $200 for Sheetz….you can take your pick of where you want to fill up.

120 tickets will be sold @ $10/ticket

A number will be assigned for each ticket purchased. This number will be displayed at checkout and via email. Winning number will be drawn via live broadcast on the ambulance & rescue company Facebook page:



  • Must be 18 years or older to play.
  • Arrangements will be made with the winner to pick up the gift cards at the Ambulance station.  Failure to claim the prize package within the 30 days following notification will result in forfeiture of the prize and the package will remain the property of the Boonsboro Ambulance and Rescue co. with no refunds provided.